TLS Token

TLS token is the analog of a preferred share that keeps its material value and provides liquidity. It constantly accumulates dividends transferred by our company through a smart contract and accumulates real value in Ethereum.

Security token with dividend functionality

TLS token is a security token that offers access to a portion of the company's profits not only from the sale of electricity generated through renewable energy sources but also from the entire infrastructure of the company as a whole. This asset is filled with Etherium through a smart contract. It is the equivalent of preferred stock. Owners of TLS token receive a profit after the launch of Green Energy plant, equal to the share of all TLS tokens on a proportional basis, which they own.


Token distribution statistics

total supply

20 000 000 TLS

Circulating Supply

19 800 000 TLS



Community growth


Private and public sale


tokens info

Address smart contract:


The smart contract contains a burning function to reduce the issue if necessary, usually to increase the liquidity of shares and regulate the dividend ratio.