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The innovative approach to Green Energy

Our technology and business model, combined with our platform,
allows everyone to profit from green energy generation.

Power of the future

TLS Group is a fintech company specializing in the development and integration of Green energy technologies. Our mission is a world where electricity is clean, reliable, affordable and available to everyone. Maintaining our priority focus around superior product offerings, we remain committed to our vision for a democratized energy system.

About Us

Few industries impact global economic livelihood, societal functioning, and quality of life as significantly as the energy industry.
Few industries face as many challenges.
A number of daunting factors are again leading many inside
and outside the energy industry to embrace renewable energy as a solution—or, perhaps, more accurately—a critical piece of the solution.
Renewable energy sources are making inroads in our national energy mix, and that progress is likely to continue.
It’s not a matter of whether the renewable energy market will grow, it’s how fast and by how much.

Khokhlov RuslanCEO

5 Foundations of Productivity


the world’s most innovative economy


great jobs and increased earning power for all


a major upgrade to all levels of infrastructure


become the best place to start and grow a business


prosperous communities across the world


Transparent source of investment repayment

Easy way cash pick up

Stable dividend growth

Fast transactions



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How does TLS Group work?

The TLS Group model is a universal solution that provides companies and individuals with an understanding of our company’s profit structure and dividend distribution mechanism for security token holders.

Direct transactions with the producer of electricity from renewable sources in our person are made through a financial mechanism called TLS Token. This solution allows you to become part of the company and receive a stable income on a proportional basis from the ownership of the asset.

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