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About coin

ВlockChainEnergy Coin is a hybrid coin, positioning itself as a payment method in the TLS ecosystem. This coin allows people to do p2p transactions and can be accepted as a payment in different shops, businesses, etc.
The distinctive feature of this coin is a hybrid mechanism of consensus, that is, PoW (Proof-of-work) and PoS (Proof-of stake) / Masternodes. The standard hybrid system combines PoW as well as PoS. PoW and PoS blocks can be found together. The blockchain consists of both blocks. It allows to mine the BCE cryptocurrency based on the hash algorithm X11 (used in Dash, for example) and get % of holding BCE in your wallet.

InstantSend means instant transactions

PrivateSend means anonymous transactions

Decentralized governance by blockchain means that Masternodes make decisions, while the blockchain finances the development process

industry problem

Up to date we will highlight 2 problems of the blockchain technology infrastructure.
1) Absence of the possibility to use cryptocurrency assets as a means of settlement in everyday life of bypassing intermediaries. Intermediaries are understood as exchangers.
2) No billing system for Fiat exchange

Banking integration

As part of the integration, it is planned to sign contractual relations and issue plastic cards with cryptocurrency quotation in the bank of Estoniaa:
* Bank of Estonia
* DNB Pank
* Eesti Krediidipank
* LHV Pank
* SEB Pank
* Swedbank in Estonia
* Tallinna Aripanga
This solution settles both problems listed above.

Affiliated product

BlockChainEnergy coin is an integral part of the company’s ecosystem and the development continuation in the field of the blockchain technology. The company task in this direction is to create a product that allows you to solve a number of problems described above. Our solution is to create a universal payment means, both for the company’s ecosystem and for the third-party users. Since the company’s coin is hybrid, it can be mined both by classical mining using computing equipment, and in an alternative way, through acquiring the masternode of this asset. The income from master node sales can be used to expand the company energy field, which contributes to the generation of large amounts of electric power supplied to the data center and third parties. From the foregoing, it is not difficult to understand that earnings growth has a positive effect for TLS token holders, increases the ecosystem yield and dividends.

Mining Pool

At the dawn of mining, the complexity of cryptocurrency mining and the total hashrate of the network allowed to extract coins even without specialized equipment. Processing power of the processor, and later the video card was enough to sign the block and receive a reward for it. However, the development of mining equipment and the rapid increase in complexity has led to the emergence of concepts:
Solo mining.
Cryptocurrency mining alone only is on its own equipment. In solo mining, a miner keeps all the reward for the block.
Mining in the pool.
A pool is a combination of the equipment power of many miners at once to increase the probability of finding a block. The reward for the block obtained by the pool is distributed among all participants.
The project plans are to create an internal and external pool. The internal company pool allows you to concentrate the data center power for solo mining, the external one in turn does it for the third-party miners of BCE coin.
To increase the external pool attractiveness, external cryptocurrency miners located in the territory of the European Union are given the opportunity to conclude a contract to supply electricity at the reduced rate where the payment is BCE coin itself.

Launch platform

The launch platform being a part of the coin creation, a platform will be launched to activate the masternode in order to simplify the process of configuring the masternode of our coin for all users who do not have knowledge of Unix systems, administration and configuration of remote servers.

The reward for the block

Algorithm — X11

Collateral — 1000 coin

Reward MN — 45%

Reward PoW — 50%

Reward PoS — 5%

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